• Grow a defined region by exceeding revenue growth goals.

  • Support a team of Event Owners through coaching and communications. You will define the frequency, style, methods, etc, that work best for you and your team. Team success and satisfaction is a key success factor. 

  • Support new Event Owners to the platform through coaching and connections, to set each individual up for success. 

  • Review data and information about your territory and about the platform to help guide actions to drive key success metrics. 

  • Recruit and vet new Event Owners to capitalize on untapped opportunities within your territory.

  • Recruit new venues to partner with Event Owners and support both the public and corporate segments of the Yaymaker platform. 

  • Provide guidance around local marketing and social media solutions to help drive awareness and sales. This includes seeking out more significant opportunities, such as conventions and live activations, and coordinating with a group of Event Owners to effectively execute the opportunity. 

  • Distribute corporate event leads for your territory to set all parties up for success.

  • Receive and distribute core experience supplies for your territory. Establish necessary resources and processes to ensure distribution timelines are met.

  • As necessary/desired, provide guidance on sourcing additional supply needs to support events in your territory.

  • Collaborate with your team of Event Owners and area Venues to optimize calendar management in a way that supports guest demand and Event Owner success.

  • Create a community of Event Owners that network and make meaningful connections.

  • Coordinate closely with other platform Managers, as well as the Home Office, as we continuously collaborate on how to improve, bring fresh ideas, and successfully scale our business.

Skills and Qualities: 

  • You are outgoing, a tireless advocate and local grass roots marketer.

  • You have a proven track record of revenue growth and overseeing a team.

  • You are local to the territory you’ll be overseeing, and familiar with the communities in the area. You are dedicated to supporting local and the importance of it.

  • Creating an inclusive environment and driving diversity on our platform is incredibly important to you.

  • You thrive when leading a team, as well as knowing you’re contributing to the larger success of the platform as a whole.

  • Your leadership helps build a positive culture both with your team, and as an extension of the Home Office.

  • You're comfortable making difficult decisions when needed, and being firm when needed to support the greater good.

  • You are data-oriented, and are comfortable using reports on a regular basis to help inform your decisions.

  • You are passionate about the work that you do and the organizations that you work with, and that comes through in your brand ambassadorship.

  • You have a guest-first mentality, consistently advocating for our guests above everything else.

  • You are organized, detail oriented, and capable of developing processes and resources from scratch. You are independently motivated and prefer guiding your own schedule and priorities.

  • You have excellent communication skills, and this is showcased in your ability to motivate a team and share in their success.

Yaymaker is seeking an ambitious Regional Manager to guide the quality and growth of the Southeast area. This is a contracted position that is an on-the-ground extension of the Home Office. We’re looking for a self-motivated individual who has a guest-first mentality, and can effectively drive revenue and rapid growth through an expanding team of Event Owners, while always maintaining high quality standards. Your success will come from effective coaching and communication, building best practices with local marketing, creating organized processes, and prioritizing your time to make the biggest impact. 

Regional Manager: Southeast, US

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